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Back in Business! No More Water in Underground Fuel Tanks!

Published By John G. Pohl on Feb 1, 2016
Here were two 50 year old underground petroleum storage tanks that had come to the end of their life, with many holes. We were able to weld up large holes and plug smaller ones, then completely seal the inside with our specially formulated fibreglass coating.
Beautiful.....the Word We Love to Hear!
Published By John G. Pohl on July 5, 2015
||| ||| After plugging and lining a leaking steel underground diesel fuel storage tank, the best word we hear upon completion, is beautiful! When the operator of the service station sees clean, water free petroleum product, he couldn't be happier, as the diesel product is back in service straight away...
Back in Business! No More Water in Underground Fuel Tanks!

Published By John G. Pohl on Jul 14, 2015
An underground petroleum fuel tank was leaking water. Water entering into petroleum fuel tanks creates chemical reactions which may destroy fuel quality, wreck your customers vehicles and tarnish your service stations reputation for fuel quality. With our Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tank plugging & lining process, we can typically get your tank repaired and back into business in under a week. This is a cost-effective option for keeping your fuel supply quality and reputation high in demanding and competitive fuel markets. Call to find out how to get your failed tanks back into business!
Asbestos Removal & Certification
Underground Petrol Tank Leak & Marina Spill Response

Motor spirit leaking from underground tank was removed and cleanup and containment took place on a waterfront marina.

Groundwater Well Installation, Testing & Reporting

Groundwater monitoring wells installed at a service station for Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) EPA compliance.

Erosion & Landslip Inspection & Reporting

HAWKESBURY CITY COUNCIL roadway stormwater drainage and overland flow onto private land.

Frenchmans Bay in Randwick City Drainage & Soil Erosion Inspection, Reporting & Restoration

Drainage & Soil Erosion Frenchmans Bay in Randwick City.