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Fuel / Chemical Tank System EngIneering Services

Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. (IES) provides extensive construction management services for new chemical or fueling system (UPSS) construction, installation and fit out. With every job, we ensure quality, schedule adherence, and cost / time savings. Our many years of experience makes us industry leaders in file system construction; and, as a result, we are able to offer both Design / Build capabilities, along with construction management.

Fuel / Chemical Tank System Design / Building Services

Our in-house engineering staff at IES can provide complete designs and specifications for specialised fuel or chemical storage systems. We can then obtain all regulatory approvals from state and local regulatory agencies to building departments. IES has successfully designed, permitted, and constructed multiple UST's, UPSS's and AST's throughout Australia.

Fuel / Chemical Tank System Upgrade Services

IES also performs upgrades to improve or repair your existing tank or UPSS system. In addition to tank and piping work, we can perform facity upgrades or investigations that may be required to comply with EPA requirements for your UST's, UPSS, AST's, and product dispensing systems.

Fuel / Chemical Tank System Repair Services

Like anything else, as fuel or chemical storage systems age, things need to be repaired or replaced. Our team specialises in cost effective solutions for all aspects of underground and above ground tank systems.