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Water Intrusion Services

Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. (IES) engineering investigators are proud of their ability to investigate, analyse and solve water intrusion problems in buildings, homes, and underground fuel tanks that other architects, builders, developers and consultants could not find.

Wet Damp Buildings - Health Threat Symptoms:
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  • Brain fog and concentration or memory  issues;
  • headaches,
  • migraine,
  • blurred or temporary loss of vision;
  • tingling itchy eyes; coughing;
  • nose bleeds and burning nose;
  • skin burning, tingling, shedding, tingling lips;
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and MS symptoms;
  • muscle and joint issues;
  • asthma & respiratory issues;
  • temper and rage issues;
  • flu like symptoms (constant);
  • loss of sense of smell;
  • vertigo;
  • upper and lower respiratory problems.

Leak Detection Services

Our in-house engineering staff at IES can provide forensic inspections and reports for fuel or chemical storage systems impacted by water. Our extensive experience into water intrusion, surface or groundwater inundation has allowed us to develop a unique insight into the diagnosis of failures such as:
  • Assess potential and causation of condensation;
  • Infrared Camera forensics for non-destructive investigation for hidden defects / moisture intrusion & identify missing insualation or thermal bridging;
  • Investigate leaks or penetrating damp;
  • Assess visible signs and locations of moisture damage;
  • Scan surfaces with ultrasonic and conductive moisture meters;
  • Water penetration / intrusion investigations and reporting;
  • Failure inspection & analysis of drainage & sanitary systems;
  • Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS) Leak Detection Services
  • Water pipelines, sewer pipelines, drainage pipelines

Remedial Drainage Services

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Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. (IES) understands how water drains and where it would be most likely to come into a building or even underground tanks. Sometimes, some waterproof putty is enough to seal up the minor system defects. Other times, a more advanced remediation approach is needed.

Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. (IES) understands how a leaking pipe can have severe consequences affecting your property. We are capable of dispatching a team for emergency site inspections and repairs.
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Forensic / Diagnostic Investigation Services

Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. (IES) provides forensic water intrusion and leak detection services which are critical to the successful resolution of your buildings drainage problems. In addition, we conduct many investigations on water intrusion of underground tanks.